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About us

STREAMALYZR was founded in Berlin in autumn 2017.

STREAMALYZR was developed during a one-year project with the support of renowned market researchers and program consultants in order to create a direct audience feedback tool for the radio industry and other audio providers. CEO of STREAMALYZR GmbH & Co.KG is Philipp Nowak.

Brand Support und BCI are the distribution partners who also offer extended content-related support in the form of webinars and seminars. They help you get the most out of your STREAMALYZR.


Premium-partner of STREAMALYZR is MusicMaster – one of the world’s leading music scheduling services. Through the system’s interfaces an easy exchange of playlist and library data is possible between MusicMaster and STREAMALZYR.

Premium-partner of STREAMALYZR is MusicTrace from Erlangen. This allows MusicTrace clients a free integration of their own playlist as well as those of the competitors.

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