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All exclusive STREAMALYZR features for your online radio streaming at a glance.

Easy and straightforward access

No complicated software license or download is necessary to get your results. As it is a web-based tool, you only need internet access. Take a look at your results the way you prefer – online or mobile.

Gather even deeper insights: STREAMALYZR additionally provides you with complex possibilities of analysis for PDs who want to know even more and has extensive filtering options.

Password protected access for a variable number of people at the station

Top 5 & flop 5 elements, selectable by type (music, break, comedy, etc.)

Word/music share analysis tool

Aircheck & monitoring tool with program clocks of the own station as well as of up to five competitors including the option for filters, listening and exporting

Clearly arranged PD Dashboard with the most important data at one glance for your program’s daily ‚health check‘

Rating charts, TSL & tables; evaluation periods on daily, weekly, monthly and national ratings basis

Promotion calendar for an effective analysis of the relevant periods

Additional Features

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