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is the future of radio

If you believe in the future of radio and don't want to leave the subject audio to the other players:


Streaming changes the universal laws of radio

What has been working for many years might not work anymore very soon. In order to survive the competition of Spotify and the likes, it is crucial to get familiar with the laws of this market early on.


Streaming opens up audio to new and younger target groups

Radio managers always try to reach as many young listeners – the millenials – as possible as they are afraid of dying along with their aging listeners. Streaming allows them to reach those target groups. Be wise and start today with a modern program for your listeners of tomorrow.

STREAMALYZR Radiostreaming Analyse Webradio Real Audience Insights

Knowing what listeners really want

To win the millenials, it is crucial to know their demands by heart in detail. In conventional research, there are hardly any findings on the actual listener behavior in real listening situations. This can change for you right away! With STREAMALYZR you learn how the real demands of the millenials for more quality, more convenience, more variety and more control are reflected in your program

Strategic program development

STREAMALYZR quickly provides you with clear answers about the impact of your program innovations. What works, what doesn't? How are the effects on ratings and the TSL? With STREAMALYZR you have the opportunity to try more new things, to make innovation a steady element in your brand development process and to continuously increase the quality of your program. You will have more satisfied listeners, increased listener loyalty, better ratings & an increased brand power.

Alexa and the like create a new dynamic in the behavior of the audience

If you also believe that in the future people will listen to audio and radio more and more on devices like Alexa, then you are already aware of the dynamic created by this technology. Selecting audio streams and changing stations will become easier for the listeners. Get to know the impulses for tuning in or out and start to reinforce or reduce them.

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